AMD Polaris Tech Day is going to begin soon. Editors who are now in Macau are making the most of their outing to ‘Las Vegas of Asia’. The Daeguen Lee’s Liveblog shares some fascinating stuff.

AMD Polaris Tech Day: NDA will be lifted on 29th May, 2016


Above you can see the NDA paper, on which reviewers have to sign as they arrive. The date lapses on 29th June. So AMD will officially unveil Polaris based GPUs in early July. This date showed that on Wendensday June 29th we may see the first preview of Polaris based Graphics card. At the very least this would mean AMD will permit reviewers to release data about Polaris architecture.

We’ll show the eccentricity of the first day of the three-day schedule that is going on in Macau with the live blogging format. So enjoy!



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