Reports from the Department of Indian customs indicate that AMD sent its high-end graphics cards from Canada, which is based on the AMD Polaris graphic architecture. Under the Codename “C99″ we found a graphic card with the designation “FOC” that is believed to be synonymous of Full Operational Capacity.

AMD Polaris Flagship GPU Spotted In The Zauba Shipping Database

In terms of Graphics cards processing units spotting Zauba has always become the major source. Zauba is a database of import and export data, which was very helpful for Maxwell GM204 accurate leaks. The database has also revealed stacks of information on AMD Next Generation of Radeon R9 300 Series and the Fiji XT GPU.


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As can be seen in the customs report, they sent two graphics cards and each was worth 110,603 rupees, 1700 dollars to change. Thanks to the information leaked earlier, that there will be Polaris 11 and Polaris 10 Graphics chips we can expect that the model number C99 would have a Dual-GPU Polaris 11 graphics chips.

The most interesting thing about this information is that AMD already has a fully functional Polaris GPU, and they have already begun testing phase, good news knowing the significant jump in lithography used (14nm FinFET) and that its new graphics generation will be released this summer, so the company will have many months ahead to optimize its products.

Via: Wccftech

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