Today we have new information about the Polaris 11, AMD ‘low’ range GPU core based on new architecture. Thanks to the CompuBench database, we find a Polaris 11 SKU called “67FF” with  16 Compute Units which is expected to compete with the GeForce GTX 950. So we are looking at the successor of Pitcairn with greater power and much improved energy efficiency. If the reading of the 16 CUs is correct, GCN 4.0 architecture of Polaris offer 64 Stream Processors per CU, so that gives us a total of 1024 Stream Processors.

AMD Polaris 11 spotted with 16 Compute Units 


I find it unreasonable to compare those results to anything, but still to give a general idea that how it performs at this stage below you can see the performance test between Polaris11 SKU and GTX 950 in OpenCL benchmark. The first tests of performance showcased that the GeForce GTX 950 is much more powerful than Polaris 11. If we claim the information of AMD’s representative, back in January when AMD announced Polaris they present a demo video running on the Radeon card based on Polaris 11 vs GeForce GTX 950 in Star Wars Battlefront, although both GPUs are running game at stable 60FPS, but there was a massive difference in energy efficiency. Polaris based GPU only consumed 84W vs 140W, it’s about 2x increase performance per watt.

Via: Videocardz

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