At the Game Developers Conference it was expected that AMD will reveal more details about its new graphics architecture Polaris, but unfortunately the company said that “we still have to drink a beer to discuss Polaris“. What is known for now is that the company showcased first demo of Polaris 10 GPU running Hitman in DirectX12 behind closed doors, besides revealing information about the Polaris 11 (lower-end chip).

AMD Polaris 10 is Small and Very powerful; Polaris 11 a beast


AMD Polaris 10

Regarding the Polaris 10, we know that it will come in a Mini-ITX format and it was able to run Hitman on maximum quality at 60 FPS / 2K resolution. According to one of the attendees, the PCB of Polaris 10 engineering sample was not much bigger than the Radeon R9 Nano, so AMD is staying in a new smaller standard, but with high-end specification. For now it is unclear whether Polaris 10 will replace Hawaii or Fiji in terms of performance, but we know that it includes three DisplayPort 1.3, HDMI 2.0 and DVI. Thanks to the Displayport 1.3 ports, supports resolutions 5K at 60 Hz or 4K at 60 Hz with HDR, something quite striking.

AMD Polaris 11

Regarding Polaris 11 we have very little information, but enough to impress. According to Ryan Shrout, of PCPersective, Polaris 11 graphics card can run a demo of virtual reality to a 4K resolution when no fans are spinning, something impressive that indicates that the graphics card does not even heat up, obviously with no noise. Polaris 11 also impresses as a silicon allocated over the mid – range throw such potential, so we are facing a beast in terms of price / performance. Remember that AMD Polaris GPUs aims to offer minimum spec VR under the $349 mark.


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