AMD Phenom II processor systems can’t run Destiny 2, because it implements SSSE3 instructions, incompatible with these processors.

With Destiny 2 launch on the PC, there has been an unexpected problem with its launch. Users with a computer based on an AMD Phemon II processor have found that the game is impossible to run because the game remains hang in black screen. Although the title is fairly well optimized for the PC, but the incompatibility with a particular family of CPUs is quite strange and users have reported several complaints on forums.

‘When I start the game, I select my character and login, it takes me to a black loading screen. The symbol in the corner changes shape once and then freezes. A window appears that says the game has stopped working. Currently I cannot play the game, ” Reddit user -” majicm9

Bungie, knows that this type of advertising is a problem and quickly come out with a statement that all this happened because this family of processors are not compatible with Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSSE3) instructions. The developer has made it clear that: ‘Destiny 2 cannot run on processors that do not integrate support for said instruction’. The conspiracy seems to be bigger, since there are videos of Beta version of the gaming running with a Phenom II processor. It might be possible that these instructions were not executed in the Beta version of the game, because Beta was limited. Now, if you want to play Destiny 2, you have to change your processor or you will not be able to play the game.

“We have seen a number of bug reports on CPUs that fall below, our established minimum specifications (for example AMD Phenom II).”

We are investigating the problem and will try to solve the problem, but these CPUs are below the minimum specifications and are not officially compatible.