AMD is facing tons of Criticism from his fans, as they are not moving the ass of their processes and still dragging their old process if we talk about processors. For 2016 and beyond AMD sets, lots of big plans in terms of manufacturing process. The Company’s CEO few day’s back talk on some major points during the Deutsche Bank conference in which he also uncovered some valuable information about the next generation architecture of CPU and GPU. On last Thursday they also arrange a press release in which they disclose some information about upcoming 16nm,14nm and even 10nm manufacturing technologies.

AMD Partners With Synopsys to Design Future CPUs and GPUs on 16nm/14nm and 10nm

AMD Event

Synopsys is the giant company which provides the design, tools and services to the companies to achieve their advance process nodes and interestingly. AMD announced that they are going to be partnering with Synopsys for the manufacturing process of 16nm/14nm and 10nm technologies. We can say that now we will see the 16nm/14nm products earlier to the market at lower cost as possible, as now AMD is equipped with all tools that need for the manufacturing process. This project will save AMD’s $420 to $450 million by the end of the year. This project will give AMD alot of relaxation in terms of Expense so they can spend more on new candies.

The agreement with Synopsys includes:

Giving AMD access to a range of Synopsys design IP including interface, memory compiler, logic library and analog IP for advanced FinFET process nodes
Synopsys acquires rights to AMD’s interface and foundation IP, and hires a team of engineers from AMD with IP R&D expertise
These agreements enable AMD to realize ongoing engineering efficiencies and focus engineering efforts on product differentiation.

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