Lisa Su, CEO of AMD has formally showcased their most recent Fiji GPU at Computex 2015. The new chip is the first to highlight High Bandwidth memory which joins the stacks of DRAM in vertical position with one another to spare space and convey faster performance than a past era of GDDR5 innovation while conveying better performance per watt. AMD additionally affirmed that they will be authoritatively declaring the AMD Radeon Fury design card at the E3 occasion facilitated by PCGamer and AMD on 16th June, 2015.

AMD Officially Shows Off Fiji GPU – Features 4 GB HBM

Pictures Courtesy:  Hardware.Fr


The Fiji GPU was indicated in front of the official dispatch that is getting ready for 16th June however a few sources did uncover that AMD rolled out a minute ago improvements to not uncover the card at Computex. They previously had plans to show off the complete Radeon Fury GPUyet that changed after the launch of the GeForce GTX 980 Ti and now AMD is making a couple of conformities as far as clock frequencies to further enhance the execution of the above mentioned GPU. AMD’s Vice President did claim at the occasion that the Fiji GPU based card will be the faster Graphics card on the planet, however, that can’t be accepted right now since conflicting reports came in yesterday that the card may wind up conveying comparable execution as the 980 Ti.

The new memory technology could also help shrink the size of GPUs, or add more memory in the same area. About 1GB of HBM memory takes up 95 percent less than the same amount of GDDR5 memory, so you free up a lot of room on a circuit board, said Robert Hallock, technical marketing manager at AMD.

“HBM satisfies the appetite for smaller device. There is this appetite for powerful, portable systems… but they don’t want to give up performance either,” Hallock said.

Well, here one point is not worthy that AMD has spent a lot of time on their Fiji based products that’s why expectation are also high. But on the other side of note many leaks suggested that the whole AMD Radeon R9 300 series is based on rebranded Cores and only AMD Radeon Fury Series will compete will directly compete with the GPUs from Green camp.  Some more details that we now know is that the water cooler has allegedly been supplied by CoolIT with a very short PCB. The card has 6 power phases powered by 2x 8-Pin connectors making it capable of sipping upto 375 Watts.

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AMD Radeon Fury and Fury X Alleged  Specifications

AMD Radeon Fury X
AMD Radeon Fury
AMD Radeon R9 390X
AMD Radeon R9 290X
GPU Code Name Fiji XT Fiji PRO Hawaii XT Hawaii XT
GPU Cores / Shaders 4096 TBD 2816 2816
4GB Stacked HBM 4GB Stacked HBM 8GB GDDR5 4GB GDDR5
Memory  Frequency 1.0Ghz 1.0Ghz 6.0Ghz 5.0Ghz
Memory Interface 4096 Wide IO 4096 Wide IO 512bit GDDR5 512bit GDDR5
Total Memory Bandwidth 512GB/S 512GB/S 384GB/S 320GB/S
GPU  Clock Speed 1.05Ghz TBD 1.05Ghz 1Ghz
Compute Performance 8.5TFLOPS* TBD 5.9TFLOPS* 5.6TFLOPS
Launch Price $849 $599 TBD $549