Microsoft’s DX12 has been announced for a long time, but which graphics cards are going to support is still a mystery for those Players who are running AMD Graphic Cards. Now, A card user can rest assured.

AMD officially confirmed! All GCN architecture GPUs support DX12 

AMD announced full support for DirectX 12

In celebration of the 30th anniversary, when ATI is celebrating their successful business on Graphic Cards, Devon Nekechuk AMD product manager, announced that all Cards based on the GCN architecture, will support DX12.

This includes the Radeon HD 7000, all models Radeon R200, two families – so of course the HD7450 card except for the entry-level vest.

In fact, AMD is now more concerned about is their own API Mantle, is gaining more and more support form developers for games, good momentum, DX12 will have to support in the end of 2015, there is a lot of time left for AMD if they further want to improve Mantle, another On the one hand DX12 also learned some Mantle ideas, AMD will naturally be happy to have a good support DX12.