AMD has officially announced two new generations of APUs. Carrizo which will entertain the market of laptops and desktop as well as Carrizo-L is for the ultra laptops and tablets.

Both Carrizo processors are equipped with two cores and based on micro-architecture code-named Excavator. For Graphics integrated Radeon new generation is doing a job which is fully compatible with the architecture of HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture) – thanks to the CPU and GPU will be able to work together on a task. These models are used for efficient laptops and PCs All-in-One.

AMD Officially Announces Carrizo APU

AMD Carrizo APU


Overview of  Joe Macri presentation at W Hotel Singapore

  • Single, scalable infrastructure shared with Carrizo -L
  • New Excavator core optimized for low power notebook/convertible form factors.
  • Next generation AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next with support for Mantle DirectX 12, and Dual Graphics.
  • Single-chip integration of the APU and the Southbridge onto a single die.
  • Significant performance and battery life improvements.
  • First processor in the world with full HSA 1.0 support.
  • AMD Secure Processor, leveraging ARM TrustZone technology for Enterprise-class security.

For the ultra-laptops and tablets SoC Codename Carrizo-L will do the job which is based on Puma + cores and Radeon graphics are based on the GCN architecture.

The technical specifications are not yet no known, but the manufacturer boosts the performance and energy efficiency. The Carrizo is expected to be quite innovative since the implementation of an all new CPU core architecture and, new instruction set would be included like AVX2, BMI2, etc., along with the Haswell CPUs exclusive, the TSX would be included as well. But the most remarkable factor that simply puts Carrizo in a different league is the DDR4 memory support along with the mainstream DDR3 support as well. Both generations will also be equipped with ARM TrustZone technology for Enterprise-class security. The entire lineup will be compatible with DirectX12, Mantle API and OpenCL 2.0, as well as the newer display technology AMD FreeSync.

For models Carrizo and Carrizo-L we will have to wait a little longer, as according to the official news they will be available from the first half of 2015.

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