Last Friday we shared that AMD was dragged to court for misrepresentation of the number of Cores that made up its line of FX processors under Bulldozer architecture. Now the company has made the official statement ​​regarding the formal complaint that Bulldozer processors had eight cores.

“We believe our marketing accurately reflects the capabilities of the “Bulldozer” architecture which, when implemented in an 8 core AMD FX processor is capable of running 8 instructions concurrently.”

AMD’s official statement on the Issue of Bulldozer Core Count Suit


Tony Dickey, who is representing himself in the US District Court for the Northern District of California, argues that the way in which this architecture is structured (2x 4x core modules each), AMD Bulldozer CPUs 8 cores in real are only 4 cores, resulting in the 8 cores not operate independently, preventing to perform eight instructions simultaneously and independently as a 8 real cores CPU would.

According to AMD its CPUs are capable of executing eight instructions simultaneously, and since they were launched in 2011, sites like ExtremeTech showed in depth review and found that the additional cores improved performance and were able to handle more than four instructions simultaneously. It will be interesting to see how this one turns out!

Via: Legitreview

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