AMD official Twitter account today hit a four-day countdown, and put the one processor core photos, so everyone “Guess what AMD is about to announce the product.”

AMD next-generation low-power APU Beema, will be released on 29 April

Beema existing Kabini evolution of similar products, both have exactly the same kernel, as well as internal data while our hands can not open a temporary, but the perspective is different.

You can clearly see from the figure four CPU cores on the side of the central location, pumas (Puma) architecture, is now an improved version of the Jaguar (Jaguar) architecture. They are just above the middle of the two second-level cache and Northbridge module. Jaguars architecture IPC (instructions per clock cycle number) than the old K10.5 architecture up to 15% cougar is difficult with so much, but optimized to improve it.

AMD's Secret weapon Beema is Coming
AMD’s Secret weapon Beema is Coming

The lower half of the GPU graphics core, compared to known or 128 stream processors, but the structure should be upgraded from the first generation to the latest GCN GCN 1.1. AMD claims that its graphics performance “than the same grade of Bay Trail products come about 250%.”

Beema still using 28nm process manufacturing, thermal design power of 10-25W (now lower than 5W). It also derived an ultra-low power-down version Mullins, scene design power of just 2W.

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