Although the FX series processors performance is not yet too good but still decent to capture the Low-budget market. But AMD APUs in recent years are growing really fast, and even recently they got two orders of PS4 and Xbox One (Both are using AMD Jaguar x86 APU).

AMD Next Generation APU From Carrizo series will support DDR3

AMD Kaveri APU is now mainstream series, in the next year AMD will launch its upgraded version Carrizo series APUs, Very powerful according to the industry Guys, CPU part is the fourth generation modular “Excavator” architecture, also support DDR4 memory, may also have a stack memory, while the efficiency of GPU part will be further enhanced, and full support for DX12.

Now VR-Zone Chinese exposed the first image chart of AMD Carrizo APU and APU does not seem too powerful, at least in a notebook. First of all, it’s really upgrade to the CPU core architecture “Excavator”, Excavator has a maximum two-modules and Quad-core design, equipped with 2MB L2 cache, TDP of 15W compared to the previous Generation in the same class product performance increased by 30%.

AMD Next Generation APU From Carrizo series will support DDR4

IF we talk about GPU side, AMD will use its Third-Generation Radeon GCN architecture, up to 8 CUx units, two RBs displayed on the slide. In the GCN architecture, each CU unit has 64 stream processors, 8 units is 512, and now Kaveri APU consistent. It seems that the size of the next generation APU GPU is not going to expand, but that does not mean that performance is not improved, because AMD said that it would improve the efficiency of memory, support for heterogeneous computing complete HSA and supports DX12.

According to the different news AMD Next Generation APU form CArrizo Series will support DDR4, but now officials said  it supports dual-channel DDR3-2133MHz memory, up to two slots per channel. I guess you know from the beginning of next Year, Intel’s line of products is beginning to support DDR4 should be, AMD is in a big trouble.

Thermal design power, the mobile version of Carrizo APU will be maintained at between 12-35W, the manufacturing process will be 28nm for sure, it seems that only under the next generation of products will enhance the manufacturing process.

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