AMD in October last year to replace the CEO, strong woman Dr Lisa SU will lead AMD continue to seek transformation with a strong vision. If three months later, AMD’s management changes also nearing completion, so what we expect in 2015? After hosting, this business has become a major source of profit, how you position your product portfolio of CPU, GPU and APU business? Intel is now in mass production phase of with 14nm process, while AMD is still stuck on the 32nm, 28nm process node technology, how you fill it?

AMD new strategy is to bring more advanced CPU and GPU

AMD Event

With these similar questions, Hexus site recently held an exclusive interview during CES 2015. AMD CEO Dr Lisa SU has discussed the two sides of AMD’s strategy for their offering products and a host business. Also, she said that AMD will bring more advanced CPU, GPU returned.

So, here are the short bits of that interview.

Although AMD FX processor has now died of old age in the Pile-driver architecture and 32nm SOI process, but for CPU, AMD also committed to improving the raw CPU performance. Here probably refers to a new generation of Zen AMD X86 processor architecture and according to plan, these processors will appear at the end of this year, but the mass production will start in 2016 and the process should be upgraded to a 16nm or 14nm FinFET technology.

For APUs, AMD will also committed to improving the performance of APU, basically main focus will be on the APU performance improvement. In fact, AMD has a 2025 plan, I hope by the end of 2020 they make their APUs efficiency by 25 times.

For the current popular wearable devices, smart phones and automotive electronics AMD also have to consider such products, but it is suspected to say as this is really a scene, we know that the current AMD in the tablet processor market is strategically contracted, the above statement should only hint AMD have a concern in these products, but it is hard to believe that there is a specific plan for such things.

Finally is the process technology in which AMD is at backward position when you compare them with Intel. Intel is now in mass production phase of 14nm process, while AMD’s products are mostly still 32nm or 28nm. But Lisa Su said that AMD did not ignore the advanced process technology, 16nm, 14nm, 10nm process even 7nm is now in the research phase.

In short, from this interview she spoke very well, but we and consumers believe on the real implementations and we are waiting for what they are coming with for this year. This year one of the most important products is AMD Carrizo APUs, during the CES 2015 show, there are many Carrizo notebooks, but in front of Intel Broadwell-U, Carrizo does not seem to concern.

With luck, AMD has also announced new year Zen X86 processor architecture, if all plans go well, AMD in the CPU market revival is not impossible. As for the GPU, AMD’s next-generation graphics cards are coming in Q2 of this year, you have to wait for six months

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