AMD has confirmed, the new mobile version of Kaveri APU will be officially released at Computex Taipei. The AMD Mobile Kaveri APUs exact model product line specifications have also been revealed on their official website.

Everything is leaked before the official released, there are total  Seven AMD Mobile Kaveri for Notebook. Covering the lineup Fx, A10, A8 and A6 sub-series. This is the very first time the exposure of Original High-End APU processor has come to dedicate FX Brand named as FX-7600P and FX-7500 both are high-End APUs.

Fx-7600P is equipped with 4 Cores with 4MB L2 cache, 512 Stream Processors (Eight Computing Units), Dual-channel memory support up to DDR3-2133MHz. The thermal power design of Fx-7600P is 35W, energy-saving version 19/17W.

Specific models will not Same as this Unit, take a look at a specification chart of AMD Mobile Kaveri APUs.

AMD Mobile Kaveri APUs Lineup Specifications

AMD Mobility Kaveri APU Lineup:
AMD Mobility Kaveri APU Lineup #Courtesy @Wccftech

At Computex TaipeiAMD will be the first to commercially launch of Pro Series APUs, including the first three models A10 PRO-7350B, 7150B-PRO A8, A6 PRO-7050B, from the point of view Specifications respectively FX-7500, A10-7300, A6-7000 are completely consistent, which is consistent with the previous version of the usual business is just a name change traditionOf course, the roller CPU architecture, GCN GPU architecture, HSA heterogeneous system architecture, hUMA unified memory addressing, a hQ heterogeneous cohort of these technical features are present.

But is this a bit longer name of Low-Power APU Mullins Ax-Micro.

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