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AMD management Earthquake: Three Senior executives Resign in one Day


Last October, after replacing the CEO AMD management has faced constant adjustment, position adjustment inevitably part of senior executives, AMD also hired a number of executives from external sources, but also inevitable many of senior executives leave the company. After CES 2015, AMD management team earthquake suddenly appeared in one day when their three senior executives resign away, including computing and general manager of the graphics department, chief marketing officer and chief strategy officer. Anandtech site receives mail by AMD, AMD’s management recently made a substantial adjustment, three executives leave.

AMD management Earthquake: Three  Senior executives Resign in one Day

Computing and graphics department general manager - John Byrne
Computing and graphics department general manager – John Byrne

In the three executives who leave, computing and graphics department General Manager John Byrne’s job is the most important and the only mention of the AMD 8-K documents, seven months ago, he promoted from chief marketing officer at AMD’s reorganization to senior vice president and general manager of the graphics department, so he is a bit out of people from the expected departure of general manager, said that he quit because of finding other opportunities.

Currently, this post is supervised by AMD CEO, Lisa Su and AMD is looking for a successor, but the difference with the previous practice of internal promotion Byrne, AMD ready to find talent from the outside.

Chief Marketing Officer – Colette LaForce

The second executives who resign is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Colette LaForce, her departure from 2012 onwards from Dell. With similar grounds in front of the executives leave, she would also like to look for new opportunities, AMD did not mention specific information that they she leaves the company. In addition, AMD’s CMO post is temporarily not arrange for candidates.

Chief Strategy Officer – Raj Naik

The third in the list is the chief strategy officer (CSO) Raj Naik, in 2012 he resigns from McKinsey & Company and joined AMD as a CSO’s departure, his departure is also seeking new opportunities.

AMD said in a statement that “these changes (refer to executives who left), and the last quarter Forrest Norrod, James Clifford joined AMD’s are part of the restructuring AMD optimized design and leadership team, which will further enhance AMD’s executive team and status. “

AMD on the 20th of this month will release the quarterly earnings of Q4 last year, Lisa Su took over as a CEO after second-quarter earnings. So, Q4 of 2014 was a tough year for AMD and we are looking forward to what they achieve we will update you soon after the report will be published. 

Source: AMD