While NVIDIA is continually expanding their range of mobile graphics cards and gaining competitive edge, on the other side their competitor AMD if they are not able to abstain from the premieres of new models and so it will take a long time to get back in the position. However, interesting information on upcoming accelerators for laptops from the AMD side has been revealed thorough the database of Zauba.

AMD Litho XT and Strato PRO: The New Gen Radeon GPUs for Mobile PC 


The transport base Zauba found the entries of two mysterious cards – model Litho XT graphics processor with 2 GB of GDDR5 memory and 256-bit interface and another model with Strato PRO graphics processor with 4 GB of GDDR5 memory and 256-bit interface. Both structures have the form of an expansion card MXM connector B, and so probably will be applied in more efficient laptops. The term XT usually denotes a more powerful variant with an uncut die while the term PRO usually denotes a cut die (and in some cases, a business variant of an SKU). Logic would dictate that Litho XT is the powerful variant, but I have a hunch (powered by the amount video buffer) that Strato is the more powerful variant and that a Strato ‘XT’ could be in the works.


So it appears that the company is preparing a new generation of AMD’s mobile graphics cards, which will take the code names derived from the names of the individual layers of the Earth and the surrounding layers of the atmosphere. If we talk about the availability of new mobile GPUs still there are no words on that has been revealed. Most probably it would be available from next year.