Recently, the industry welcomed a new series of graphics card from AMD camp talking about Radeon 300 – in mid-June AMD has released five new models, but apparently it’s not the end of the offensive and soon new Graphics cards will join them.

AMD is launching Radeon R9 370X – to Counter GTX 950 Ti


Well, talking about the Radeon R9 370X, which will put itself between the Radeon R7 370 and R9 380. The card will be equipped with the layout of Trinidad XT 1280 stream processors and 2 or 4 GB of GDDR5 memory with 256-bit. Standard frequencies are not yet known, but the foreign media the Graphics card would boost 1180 MHz core and 5600 MHz for the video memory (but it is unclear whether there are turbo-boost frequency or clock).

Specifications resembles that it will be same as Radeon HD 7870 or R9 270 (X), but you can suspect to see certain improvements (eg. Reduction in power consumption as the Radeon R7 370). In confirmation of this information, we will have to wait a little longer.

Model Radeon R7 370 Radeon R9 370X * Radeon R9 380
The layout Trinidad PRO Trinidad XT Antigua PRO
Stream Processors 1024 1280 1792
Texture Units 64 80 112
ROP 32 32 32
Core Clock 975 MHz 1180 MHz 970 MHz
Video memory 2/4 GB of GDDR5 256-bit 2/4 GB of GDDR5 256-bit 2/4 GB of GDDR5 256-bit
Memory clock 5600 MHz 5600 MHz 5500/5700 MHz
TDP 110 ? 190

Radeon R9 370X is expected to debut in August in response to the GeForce GTX 950Ti. Thus, promises to be an interesting duel in the middle segment of Graphics cards.

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