Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has started selling its first Radeon R7 DDR4 memory modules. The new DIMMs are not compatible with existing AMD platforms, but can work with central processing units (CPU) from Intel Corp. , as well as upcoming AMD chips (Bristol Ridge and Summit Ridge).

AMD launches Radeon R7 DDR4 modules for Intel CPUs


The AMD Radeon R7 DDR4 kits are available in  8 GB  of capacity in a dual-channel configuration (2 x 4GB) qualified to operate at a frequency of 2133 MHz or 2400 MHz with CL15. It is unclear whether the modules have the Intel XMP [Extreme Memory Profiles] technology, but the newly launched kit will definitely support AMD own memory profiles.

Currently, only desktop processors Intel Skylake (LGA1151) and Haswell-E (LGA2011 / LGA2011-3) support DDR4 memory. In the future, AMD intends to release its CPUs codenamed of Bristol Ridge and Summit Ridge with Excavator and Zen architecture and those chips will take advantage of the DDR4 memory and will be supported by the new socket AM4. The current generation of AMD chips only supports DDR3 memory.

The DDR4 AMD Radeon R7 memory modules are not the best modules in terms of performance, but can add value for fans of the company or those modders who choose modules based on visual aestheticrather than the performance.