The FirePro is an AMD graphics card lineup for professionals. So there is no need to rotate Watch Dogs thoroughly, but FirePro is perfect for the happiness of those who need a large computing power. Now FirePro W8100 is in the list to join its W Series Sisters.

This new FirePro W8100 is clocked lower than the W9100, twice less VRAM, consumes less power and is also more affordable. This card in Hawaii family very close to the R9 290 desktop firm. Made to use up to four screens simultaneously 4K, it is equipped with four DisplayPort instead of six mini-DisplayPort to W9100.

Compassion Chart of AMD FirePro W8100 with FirePro W9100

AMD FirePro 8100

Always aiming to compete with the K5000, the W8100 sits lower in price than its big sister to $ 2,499 to the announcement, which could give about $ 2,000 to purchase shortly. The card would be commercially available in July.

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