NVIDIA recently announced six Quadro Mobility GPUs for notebooks, and now AMD has also announced its three graphics cards for the professional sector, we are talking about the AMD FirePro W7170M, AMD FirePro W5170M and AMD FirePro W5130M.

AMD Launches FirePro W7170M, W5170M and W5130M; Mobility GPUs for notebooks 


The AMD FirePro W7170M is the flagship Graphics Chip based on silicon Tonga and featuring GCN 1.2 architecture which translates into 2048 Stream Processors at a frequency of 723 MHz supported by 4 GB of GDDR5 memory @ 5.00 GHz with an interface of 256 bits resulting in a bandwidth of 160 GB / s a simple floating point performance of 2.960 TFLOPS  under a TDP that moves between 100 and 125W.

The AMD FirePro W5170M uses Silicon Cape Verde (GCN 1.0) with 640 stream processors to 925 MHz with 2 GB of GDDR5 memory @ 4.50 GHz with a memory interface of 128 bits which gives a simple floating point performance of 1.180 TFLOPS with a bandwidth of  72 GB / s.

Finally we have the AMD FirePro W5130M , also based in the Silicon Cape Verde but with 512 Stream Processors maintaining speed but seeing cone 4 GB of GDDR5 memory reaches a slower speed of 4.00 GHz  giving a bandwidth of 64 GB / s a simple floating point performance of  950 GFLOPS .

Comparison of AMD Mobility FirePro Graphics Chips
FirePro W7170M FirePro W5170M FirePro W5130M
Stream Processors 2048 640 512
GPU Frequency 723 MHz 925 MHz 925 MHz
Frequency Memory 5.00 GHz GDDR5 4.50 GHz GDDR5 4.00 GHz GDDR5
Bandwidth 256 bits 128 bits 128 bits
FP64 1/16 1/16 1/16
GPU Tonga Cape Verde Cape Verde
Architecture GCN 1.2 GCN 1.0 GCN 1.0
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