AMD new Kaveri APU, the flagship of AMD 2014, A-series lineup, which are going to be handed to the customers soon in 2014. Recently at the CES 2014 AMD revealed some details about their powerful APU’s, and before that we also covered the AMD Kaveri Lineup for 2014. We can say, these are the powerful APU’s till now with HUMA technologySteamroller B and GCN Architecture and Unified addressing between CPU and GPU, with maximum support of 32Gb make those APUs the leaders, additionally they support FM2+ socket and 28nm SHP process manufacturing. The new Kaveri will support Mantle, TrueAudio, DirsctX 11.2 and windows 8.1. Additionally, according to the AMD the Kaveri CPU performance will range up to 20%, and if in GPU performance 50%.


The Lineup of 2014 consists of Six-APUs A10-7850k, A10-7700k, A10-7800, A8-7600, A6-7400k and A4-300 

A10-7850K is the first Flagship Kaveri APU of 2014 from AMD with the 4 core and clocked speed of 3.7GHz and boost up-to 4.0GHz and 95W TDP and product product number AD785KXBI44JA.
In terms of Graphic performance the A10-7850k is equipped with 8 compute Units with 512 stream processor boost up to 720 MHz.

A10-7700k is at second powerful Flagship Kaveri APU of 2014 from the AMD with 4 Steamroller and clock speed of 3.5GHz and boost up-to 3.8GHZ with  95W TDP. Product ID AD770KXBI44JA.
In terms of Graphic Performance the A10-7700 GNC is little bit low if we compare it with A10-7850k based on 6 Compute units with 384 Stream processors. Product ID AD770KXBI44JA.

The A10-7800, A8-7600 are taking the power of 65w, the A10-7800 is with 8 compute units and A8-7600 is is based on 6 Computer units equal to 384 Stream Proessors and the boost speed of both are 720 MHZ.

A6-7400k and A4-300 both are dual core, 1mb L2 cache, 4 compute 256 stream processors and thermal design power 65W.

If we talk about the price the official price is still unknown, but the expected price of A10-7850k would be around $200.
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