At CES 2014 AMD comes with their New A-Series Wolrd Powerful APU, Next Generation Kaveri APU’s specification and lineup already exposed you can also read at our other article the performance review is still secret, but some major websites, do some benchmark and reviews on AMD’s Kaveri APUs and here we are presenting the evaluation summary of those benchmarks and reviews.


AMD Kaveri A10- 7850k performance in Winrar
AMD Kaveri A10- 7850k performance in Winrar

The first benchmark is from Anandtech on very basic software which used by many users WinRAR, if we see the benchmarks scores the AMD Kaveri A10- 7850k performance is almost equal to Intel 3rd Generation Core i3 3325, you can say it’s equal due to the OpenCL computing as there is no use of graphic performance in it, but when we compare A10-7850k with core i7 4th generation it beats 4th Generation i7  in term of graphics performance, for example game like F1 2013 run at around 35Fps @1080p resolution High Settings and 4th Generation i7 reach at 15Fps @1080p all settings set to high. In short, if we say if someone is in the budget the AMD cover is your best partner in term of low pricing and mainstream level gaming.


The readers, who don’t that what HSA is, the new AMD Kaveri APUs  are with some new features and technologies  with Steamroller B and GCN Architecture for the great multi-tasking performance and the greater coordination between CPU and GPU with a new memory HSA. You can say that AMD’s HSA is the new approach in Graphic computing, but now there are very little stack of software supports of HSA. The Upper benchmark is from ExtremeTech in which you see that the A10-7850k in JPED decoding is beating Intel 4th Generation i5-4670s and almost giving the double performance. But in OpenCl performance Intel is far faster than anyone.


Here we see the other performance Calculation Spreadsheet applications, this spreadsheet revealed that in overall performance (Gaming and Computing) the A10-7850k is around 5times faster than Intel Core i5-4670k. If the developers also focus on AMD Kaveri HSA Flavor than there are more chances to increase the computing performance, overall if we see the performance of AMD’s Kaveri gives the superior performance in Graphic Computing and if you are in budget gaming than those APU’s are your best choice.

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