There was a news in the air that the Next Generation AMD APUs Kaveri will launch in the Febuary 2014 but now according to the VR-Zone obtained intelligence report, that AMD Kaveri APUs will be released in a jiffy and now AMD is planning to expose or release APUs Kaveri on January 7,2014. Most of the people here reading this guessing, that is the day of CES 2014 (Consumer Electronic Show) opening day and releasing of product at this stage is generally able to attract the attention of more people.

AMD Kaveri APU thanks @VR-Zone

Here we see also the AMD Kaveri APU Engineering sample but it is still unknown that the sample is of A10 or A8 one.

AMD Kaveri is an Evolution of GCN architecture and also they are fully supported OpenGL 4.3, Mantle and DX11.2.With dozens of new features also one evolutionary is the super coordination of CPU/GPU unified addressing and many other features are in Kaveri APUs really ready to give a tough time to others.

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