[Rumor] AMD is already preparing its APUs to give life to the next generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft side, which are estimated to arrive in the year 2018 offers 5 times more performance per watt consumed regarding current generation. Obviously, both Sony and Microsoft have not talked about the successor, and it is obvious that they will not until at least the middle or end of 2017 because their consoles are selling like hotcakes and speaking about its successors could undermine their sales. Not to mention the Slim variants that are more energy efficient, and also both consoles have not yet touched its graphic ceiling.

AMD is already working on Next-Generation Console for 2018


This information is translated into something we already knew before the actual launch of the console, recalling the PlayStation 3 had 7 years (2006-2013) while the PlayStation 4, in the best case, will reach five years, all thanks to use a custom PC hardware for the console, which has allowed the cost of the console reduced by half.

The most important point is that these hypothetical new consoles arrived in 2018 and at that time GDDR5 memory technology will be obsolete, so we can expect that next-Generation Consoles leverage the high-performance memory HBM present in the current Radeon Fury and the next GPUs Nvidia (Pascal) and AMD (Arctic Islands) as its evolution 2nd Generation (HBM2), which will help to dramatically increase performance without too much increment in its cost because this memory  will be mainstream in after 201 7 and that time GDDR5 memory will only be found in the mid and low range Graphics cards.


This cuts life also of interest to both companies and players as it will allow both consoles offer the latest technologies, this translates into the virtual reality glasses and, in terms of resolutions, perhaps very few games offer a resolution 4K @ 30 FPS, especially less demanding or Triple A where time and resources are invested in making this possible, gaming is why the successor of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will seek to substantially improve the graphic quality while keeping the resolution 1080p but at 60 frames per second. To make this a reality, the new PlayStation 5 should be 3 times more powerful than its predecessor.

It is obvious that both companies such as AMD, are already thinking about the next generation of consoles, but still there is a long time to go and in coming years we expect a great evolution in computing with the CPU to 10nm and in terms of memory we will see HBM2 or even HBM3.

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