The company AMD has revealed new information about upcoming Carrizo APUs at the conference ISSCC (International Solid State Circuits Conference), Carrizo APUs will entertain the energy-efficient computers, laptops and All-in-One. These models provide support for a number of advanced technologies in the field of energy management, and at the same time offer a significant performance boost by using new processor cores and a new generation of graphics cores.

Carrizo APUs will be the real solution SoC, where the manufacturer applies new Excavator cores, the new Radeon GPU with the dedicated power supply system, a dedicated H.265 video decoding system and the Southbridge.

AMD predicts that energy consumption only by the same processor cores will be reduced by 40% with a significant increase in their productivity and enhanced graphics and multimedia capabilities compared to the previous generation Kaveri APUs.


The new design with increased density allowed AMD to fit transistors of about 29%, or 3.1 billion in the processor Carrizo almost the same size of the core silicon as the previous generation of processors Kaveri. This increase in density allowed to allocate more space for the graphics card, and the integration of multimedia subsystems southbridge into one chip. The enlarged portfolio of multimedia technology will support the new standard H.265 and doubled the number of engine compression compared to the previous generation. Hardware support for H.265 will fully support 4K resolution, will help extend battery life and reduce bandwidth requirements for watching compatible video streams.


Additional space for transistors in addition to making it possible for the industry to call Carrizo the first processor that is compatible with the Foundation developed by HSA 1.0 specification. It makes use of accelerated development, which are often the graphics card, much easier to use, which in turn allows for greater efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

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The most important advantages of the HSA is heterogeneous unified memory access (HUMA) which is also supported by Carrizo. With Huma processor and graphics card share the same memory address spaces. The two parts have access to all memory platforms may allocate the data in each location. This coherent memory architecture significantly reduces the number of instructions that the processor must perform to complete the task, which ultimately leads to increased productivity and efficiency.

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Along with Carrizo APUs debut they revealed several new technologies for energy saving. To deal with the instantaneous voltage drop in traditional microprocessors provides a 10-15 percent excess voltage to ensure that the entire system always the gain the correct value. However, it is expensive, because the energy is wasted in proportion to the square of the voltage increase, or 10% of the excess voltage is 20% of the energy losses.

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AMD has developed a range of technologies to optimize system power. Her latest processors compare the average voltage to the time sleep so quickly that happens at the level of nanoseconds (billionths of a second). Since the processors Carrizo adaptive voltage control will operate both processor cores (CPU) and integrated graphics (GPU).Due to the fact that the clock frequency adjustment only takes a nanosecond, then there is practically no compromises in the field of computational efficiency, while energy consumption for some GPU reduced by 10% and 19% CPU.


Another technology in the field of energy management, which debuts with the processors ‘Carrizo’ is adaptive voltage and frequency scaling clock (AVFS – Adaptive Voltage Frequency and Scaling). This technology uses a unique and proprietary effect sensor to analyze the speed and tension of the silicon in combination with conventional sensors responsible for temperature and power. These sensors allow the APU processor, individual to adapt to the characteristics of the silicon used, the behavior platforms and operating conditions. By this adaptation implemented in real time AVFS provides up to 30% energy savings.

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Finally, to reduce the energy used on the side of the CPU by reducing the size of the core, AMD has yet optimized 28-nanometer manufacturing technology. Also improved the implementation of parts of the GPU in the system so that it works even better in scenarios assuming reduced energy consumption. This resulted in a 20% lower energy consumption compared to working with the same frequency of AMD Kaveri Graphics. All this is AMD innovations that excel in providing even better energy efficiency has been achieved in the field of production technology optimization using well-known and cost-effective 28nm process.

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