Yesterday we reported that GoldbalFoundries said that they are in the mass production stage of 14nm chips for customers, according to foreign media KITGURU, Globalfoundries old customers AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) on Thursday also announced that the company will be first to use 14nm FinFET technology in products. Although they did not say which product flow sheet, but there is a high possibility that the high-profile “Zen” architecture microprocessors will be built on it.

AMD is all set up to launch 14nm Processor in 2016


AMD’s CEO Dr.Lisa Su in earlier meetings of the company to investors and financial analysts, announced that the FinFET process flow sheet has been completed, but she also did not elaborate which product flow sheet. Still, this means that the company has successfully used FinFET semiconductor design for their products. Designing a new type of processor takes $ 150 million in the FinFET process, I’m not including the cost of photomasks used in the production. So, AMD has invested a whole lot of money on this project.

IC design cycle flow sheet is the last step, if AMD in July to complete their FinFET process flow sheets, then the trial will be the first piece of finished products in September. Nowadays chip production can be carried out after the initial flow sheet within 9-12 months. Then we can expect that the product may be released in third or fourth quarter of 2016.

Based on some official and unofficial sources of information, AMD’s product using FinFET manufacturing process will use code-named “Summit Ridge”, use 8 “Zen” core, and built based architecture  GCN graphics processing unit, code-named “Greenland”. Since then all products will use AMD FinFET process technology. “Summit Ridge” will also be applied to the AMD Opteron server processor and FX desktop processors.

It is interesting that, AMD has not yet willing to disclose their FinFET technology products.