AMD is supposed to release their Greenland GPU one year from now as reported by foreign media Fudzilla, which is accepted to replace the Radeon R300 series cards dispatching not long from now. AMD has been yet to release their R300 Series Graphics card lineup, which is thought to be known as the Pirate Islands family and it will replace their current Radeon R200 GPU family that are codenamed,  however, we now have an intimation or an evidence of what AMD will call them next graphics component emphasized in the R400 GPUs lineup.

AMD Greenland GPU Rumored To Power AMD’s Next Generation R400 Series


As a matter of first importance, there have been no official confirmation by AMD on their codenames on their R300 Series GPUs and forthcoming items. AMD doesn’t open up to the world about the codenames and naming plans of their upcoming GPUs and family, which brings confusion about the Volcanic Islands name and it was formally utilized by AMD as a part of their slides represented a couple of months back.  Amid the same time, we came to think about the Pirate Islands family and a few reports affirmed it as of late that AMD may be sure is marking their Radeon R400 Series as the Pirate Islands family of Radeon cards.

A report has developed by Fudzilla which guarantees that the Radeon R400 series Arctic Islands family is coming in 2016 and will offer the Greenland GPU which will emphasize High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM) support. It is not specified which particular illustration cards or marking will the Greenland GPU use it is pointed that AMD will be propelling Fiji GPU in late June or Q2 2015 and the building work is presently centered around the following arrangement that will land in 2016. Greenland GPU is fascinating since it won’t be combined with just graphics cards,  however  the configuration and innovation will be exchanged to cutting edge APUs as well, emphasizing HBM plans, as supposed by the source.

The Greenland GPU may not even wind up as a pure desktop card  yet an graphics architecture  modeling that is composed particularly for quickened preparing units with HBM 2 (2.5 D) memory support. The GPU will be a contracted hub based upon the Fiji architecture that we will become acquainted with on the up and coming Radeon R300 series lineup and will be fused inside APU.

Source: Fudzilla, Wccftech

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