The Lineup of AMD FX series has not updated since November Last year, the processors of AMD FX series were not renewed from ages. At the moment, AMD is too busy in the market for its APUs. We also knew from last year that AMD has abandoned Steamroller CPU architecture for FX and taken the side of AMD APUs Kaveri. Now the latest news comes from the Twitter account of an AMD employee.

AMD FX New Processor with Water Cooling Coming Soon

AMD FX Processor with Water Cooling

If we believe on him so its seems the company is preparing it’s FX Processor which will have a liquid cooling system as part of its bundle, there are some chances that it would be based on Piledriver Cores and thus Vishera architecture.

The person who has tweeted is Roy Taylor, Corporate Vice President Global Channel Sales, who has posted on Twitter a photo of a box that contains a CPU of FX-Series. No information was given to the model, but we know it will come with a Watercooling kit and it will have a multiplier unlocked. Would it be the successor to the now famous FX-9590 that was supposed to retire? Or just a new bundle of an existing CPU with a Watercooling kit?

What you think about this AMD teaser, Place your thought bellow.

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