Summer is “loaded” with AMD previously released Athlon 860k and FX 8300 at ChinaJoy, Athl0n 860K is almost same as the AMD kaveri APUs just lacking of Graphic Core. The Sunnyvale firm would get benefit from this summer to prepare several new references to disclose, either on the FX range in AM3 + but also in Athlon X2 and X4 + FM2.

AMD FX 8370 : The Future Flagship From AMD FX Series is to be released in Sep

Detailed specifications chart of AMD FX Series
Detailed specifications chart of AMD FX Series

 As for now we already know that Fx 8300 is in the market which does not bring too much with it, rest count out AMD Fx 8310 still with a TDP of 95W but the core and boost clock frequencies should be revised. Now the news from foreign media is that Red is coming with a new FX to make their fans happy named as FX 8370, which will surely make a leap in the Fx 8300 lineup in terms of performance. For now we don’t know much about the specifications, but it would have a TDP of 125Watts and the Core and Boost clock frequencies would be higher than the predecessor. It may have a bit shade of Fx 9370 which is slightly higher than Fx 8350 in terms of frequencies and TDP 220watts madness.  However, do not expect the impossible, since with the use of Vishera architecture and 32nm engraving, there are no secrets.

AMD FX 8370

AMD also prepares Athlon X4 840 and Athlon X2 450 using Steamroller respectively 4 and 2 core design on the socket FM2 +. The first would have an operating frequency of 3.4 GHz, 2 MB cache and a TDP of 95W. Details of the second processor are still unknown. For both, we can say AMD Kaveri APU without IGP. So now we have to wait for AMD by September.

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