AMD FX series of high-end processors have completely stalled, almost all efforts of AMD are turned to the APU, high-end players inevitably lost. Today, while internet suffering we found a mysterious processor “FX-670K”, the first glance thought FX also updated the results.

AMD FX-670K: Mysterious Chip APU or FX?? 

Foreign friend “Randylahey” said Chip is from HP Pavilion 500-266ea desktop, and this machine uses an AMD A75 chipset motherboard (FM2 interface), so obviously, it’s just borrowed FX name, in essence, is an APU.

CPU-Z test showed that it is the core of the previous generation of Richland architecture, the processor is clocked at 3.7GHz, Socket FM2 package interface, Quad-core, 4MB cache and Thermal Power Desing of 65W.


Obviously, FX-670K is a special OEM product, how to see how the specification as A10-6700, but at the end of the extra “K” indicates that it should be unlocked multiplier Black Edition (OEM was really rare).

So, why would HP use such a strange name? This is probably the only HP themselves know. Probably “FX” looks more high-end bar.

In addition, the familiar hardware friends should know, AMD Athlon X4 760K in fact there is, is from Richland family, but with some higher frequency, and shielding the graphics core.

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