According to AMD at E3 2015, Fury X is an Overclocker dream, liquid cooled PCB will give you so much to yield. Better temps and liquid cooling can offer extreme level of overclockings. Unfortunately all that claims appeared as false. As per  the Senior editor, PCWorld: It’s memory is locked and core clock can go up only 50Mhz which is just a 2% increase. Nothing world blowing.. He was able to push only from 1050MHz to 1100MHz.. AMD’s AIB partners GPUs are also featuring same reference frequencies..

So it is quite disappointing as GTX 980 Ti beats AMD Fury. Fury have higher TDP now this locked clock rates and poorest overclocking potential. What actually AMD is trying to do? It isn’t good for their reputation and will loosen their market strength. As Nvidia is planning another move to push back AMD even further more. We will soon possibly see the price cut of Nvidia high end GPUs (more details here). Although the first day sales of Fury X after launch were amazing. But users are getting angry because of this controversy. Remember that 3.5 GB and I want 4 GB from AMD?

In my personal opinion it is extremely bad that providing card with liquid cooling and no overclocking headroom is there. What do you think ? Let us know your thinking below in comments.