AMD said for the current week that its FreeSync tech won’t be upheld by systems bearing AMD Radeon GPUs in crossfire for some time. The GPU engineer uncovered no data with respect to issues it ran into with its FreeSync and CrossFire. The organization is certain that it will have the capacity to comprehend the issues.

“After vigorous QA testing, however, it is now clear to us that support for AMD FreeSync monitors on a multi-GPU system is not quite ready for release,” said an AMD customer care spokesperson. “As it is our ultimate goal to give AMD customers an ideal experience when using our products, we must announce a delay of the AMD Catalyst driver that would offer this support.”

AMD’s FreeSync tech, which synchronizes revive refresh rate with the display rate via AMD Radeon GPUs to lessen data idleness and enhance visual quality, is one of the key new highlights that numerous gamers foreseen from the organization. At present, the FreeSync is bolstered on PCs with one AMD GPU, yet numerous gamers these days use PCs with two or considerably more high end GPU. Indeed, numerous early adopters willing to purchase new FreeSync-empowered displays use multi-GPU rig. Subsequently, the deferral of FreeSync backing on PCs with two or more Radeon cards running in CrossFireX mode basically postpones selection of the innovation as a rule.

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AMD does not uncover any data about the issues of FreeSync on multi-GPU Rigs, yet the issues ought to be feasible. Nvidia Corp’s. G-Sync innovation, which does likewise as AMD’s FreeSync, meets expectations immaculately on multi-GPU Rigs, as indicated by the Dev. Along these lines, AMD ought to have the capacity to settle the issues with FreeSync later on.

“We will continue to develop and test this solution in accordance with our stringent quality standards, and we will provide another update when it is ready for release,” the statement from AMD adds.


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