In addition to the focus of Mantle from AMD if we see outside of it there is also a display battle between AMD and Nvidia. In October Nvidia released G-Sync and at that time Asus monitors equipped with G-Sync and has officially shipped. From AMD side, FreeSync technology to the monitor in next month will begin to ship samples until next year. AMD Claims that FreeSync Display works well, but also it is a better option than 4k gaming.

AMD FreeSync : AMD claims that Freesync is a better option than 4k gaming

AMD FreeSync

Freshly minted AMD “Gaming Scientist” Richard Huddy” expressed his support to FreeSync display technology and said that they those candies would be out from next month, but you will have to wait until the final product launch early next year. Prior to this statement than the reference to “the need 6-12 months” is more precise.

Huddy said that there are a number of vendors are preparing a display technology based FreeSync display. He also said that playing the game compared to 4K resolution under adaptive refresh rate brings more experience than it’s cool.

Based on AMD’s FreeSync Adaptive Vertical Sync (Adaptive-Sync), which is the DisplayPort 1.2a Specifications of the new standard, AMD mentioned before that there is a difference between FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync technology —FreeSync is free, open, without additional hardware, and lower latency.

FreeSync technology will be implemented to any monitor standards with no special hardware requirements, but Huddy said he hopes the best entry-level models also support 24Hz refresh rate, which is already on the video application is the most appropriate refresh rate, while the high-end monitors refresh rate support up to 144Hz or higher.

Currently AMD HD 7000, HD 8000, Radeon R9, R7 series graphics cards can support FreeSync standard for video playback and energy use, while Radeon R9 295X2,290X, 290, R7 260X 260 graphics card can also support the game in extra dynamic refresh rate.

APU products, Kaveri, Kabini, Temash, Beema and Mullins will support gaming, video playback and saving with the FreeSync features, they are also fully compatible with support.