Everyone is complaining about that current PC environment is not good enough, a few days ago we have seen that the giant with deep pocket is also suffering, Intel’s earnings barely sustain the level of revenue and profits, but the situation for AMD is even worse, the company reported revenue of 1 billion, this is a 16.9% decrease as compared to Q4 2014, and a 26.4% decrease from the $1.40 billion recorded in Q1 2014. A net loss of $ 180 million reached in the past served as firefighters semi-custom processor business quarter operating profit is reduced by half. Well, at least these numbers are better than Q4 2014 where there was a loss of $364 million ($0.47/share), but much worse than the $20 million ($0.03/share) loss in Q1 2014.

AMD First Quarter Earnings: 1 billion revenue and net loss of $180 million

AMD 12 Cores APU
We hope AMD is like this
In fact this is the Current Sisuation of AMD
In fact, this is the Current Sisuation of AMD

AMD’s earnings of last quarter, the situation deteriorated even more than in the 2014 Q1 quarter, revenue is only $ 1.03 billion, down from $ 1.24 billion last year Q4 quarter, well below the $ 1.4 billion a year earlier; operating loss of $ 137 million same period last year, there is $ 49 million profit, but this Q4 quarter operating loss than last year’s 330 million cases a lot better.


Q1 entire quarter, AMD net loss of $ 180 million, a loss of $ 364 million last quarter.

AMD CEO Lisa Su said, “to create better products, to promote the long-term step deeper customer relationships, and streamline business still is to strengthen and improve AMD AMD’s financial level.” She said that in the current economic environment PC next, AMD is committed to improving the short-term financial situation. With rebalancing channel relationships and stronger product release is expected in the second half 2015 AMD will have a more robust financial performance.

AMD specific performance under various departments look, computing and graphics business unit (processor and graphics card, etc.) revenues were down 20%, down 38%, a decline primarily desktop and notebook sales decline, while the annual decline is Because the desktop processor and graphics card sales decline.

The department’s quarterly loss $ 75 million, a loss of $ 56 million last quarter Q4, 2014 Q1 earnings quarter is $ 3,000,000.

AMD in the past contributed to most of the profits of the enterprise, embedded and semi-custom processor business unit of this performance is not good, revenues were down 14%, down 7%, the former is mainly semi-custom processor sales decline the latter is not good because the server processor sales.

The department quarter operating profit of $ 45 million, more than 85 million profit in the Q1 2014, Q4 2014 $ 109 million quarterly profit fell sharply.

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