AMD today announced the launch of AMD FirePro S9300 x2,  the fastest graphics card in the world for servers thanks to its 13.9 TFLOPS of computing power in single precision, something made ​​possible by the use of Dual-Fiji GPU core offering 8192 Stream Processors @ 850 MHz. Meanwhile, on the memory side, AMD leaves the card’s HBM memory untouched, with each GPU getting 512GB/sec of memory bandwidth, for an aggregate 1TB/sec of bandwidth. Memory interface of 8192 bits which translates into a theoretical 13.8 TFLOPS of FP32 compute performance (slightly slower than -16 TFLOPs of Radeon Pro Duo) and 0.8 TFLOPs of FP64 and that’s all with a TDP of 300W that allows it cooled passively.

AMD FirePro S9300 x2,  another Dual-Fiji GPU for HPC

AMD S9300x2

The finished result is that the S9300 X2 is an intriguing niche item intended for a specific business sector segment that need solid FP32 execution most importantly else – and everything else held equivalent, don’t use massive data sets. It’s a to some degree restricted corner, thus, yet one AMD trusts they can do exceptionally well in given what sort of FP32 execution S9300 X2 is able to do, particularly as NVIDIA doesn’t have a FP32 HPC-focused dual-GPU Geaphics card of their own. Its suggested retail price is $ 5,999.

AMD FirePro S Series Specification Comparison

FirePro S9300 X2FirePro S9170FirePro S9150FirePro S9000
Stream Processors2 x 4096281628161792
Boost Clock850MHz930MHz900MHz900MHz
Memory Clock1Gbps HBM5Gbps GDDR55Gbps GDDR55.5Gbps GDDR5
Memory Bus Width2 x 4096-bit512-bit512-bit384-bit
FP3213.9 TFLOPs5.2 TFLOPs5.1 TFLOPs3.2 TFLOPs
FP640.8 TFLOPs
2.6 TFLOPs
2.5 TFLOPs
0.8 TFLOPs
Transistor Count2 x 8.9B6.2B6.2B4.31B
Manufacturing ProcessTSMC 28nmTSMC 28nmTSMC 28nmTSMC 28nm
ArchitectureGCN 1.2GCN 1.1GCN 1.1GCN 1.0
Launch DateQ2 201607/201508/201408/2012
Launch Price$5999$3999N/AN/A