Preciously there was a news that AMD Radeon 300 series would feature the Bermuda core and on R9 390X and R9 390 Bermuda XT would fuse with them. But last week the news from Zauba send everyone in the new void of thinking, as according to their latest entry AMD Next Generation of Radeon R9 300 Series will feature the Fiji XT GPU. Previous rumors claimed that, Bermuda GPU would be the part of AMD Next Generation of Radeon R9 300 Series. The AMD R9 390X would be released in 2015. Apart the core this whole series of AMD Next Generation Graphics cards would feature HBM 3D stacked memory.

The Zauba shipping database plays a very important role in terms of some leaks for AMD Next Generation R9 300 series as AMD is not going to give some words even on the process node.  Again Zauba shipping database has made entry into the wild to cover the remaining part of the track means in order to reveal more information of AMD R9 390X.

AMD Fiji XT R9 390X Spotted in Shipping batch– Release Date creeping near


If we see the previous database entry this one is slightly different, you can also see that previous listening give us a clue about AMD’s Fiji XT but in this one such words are not included.  But it doesn’t take a genius to guess what has happened here. According to my senses AMD is also watching the show of rumors very closely and in the race they don’t players to observe the flavor too quickly this could be the reason that they remove Fiji XT from the description.

If we talk about the manufacturing process, then this topic could lead to some mysterious talks. Analysts have repeatedly asked Lisa Sue, AMD’s CEO and ex COO about AMD’s plan for node transitions. And Lisa Sue gave the exact same answer every single time. “We’re currently at 28nm in 2014, we’ll be transitioning to 20nm in 2015 and we’ll go to FinFET after that”. But in last week and today also two events occurred which give us the hint that AMD is still not in a mood to upgrade their Next Generation Graphics card. One is when few days back TSMC has not given any words on AMD production plans, although they said for Nvidia that they will be the first to use 16nm process. And one hint is from the Credit Suisse Technology Conference.


Thankfully Rory Read AMD’s ex CEO did provide more specific guidance in the Deustche Bank Conference. According to Read, AMD was going to stick with 28nm for 2015 across the majority of its product line except for two very specific segments that he mentioned by name. And if you want to know the name of those two, one is Project Skybridge APUs and other may be the High-End Graphics card. It may also be possible that AMD will give the new Process node to only their High-End Graphics cards.

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