Much has happened since AMD has launched the first graphics solutions based on Fiji silicon, but we were not able to see the clear die-shot until this week when VLSI technical publication Chipworks posted the first clear die-shot of AMD’s “Fiji” silicon, revealing the intricate details of the most technically advanced GPU. What makes Fiji the most advanced graphic chip is the interposition of HBM memory chips stacked to form a multi-chip module.

AMD Fiji silicon Die-shot Has Been Revealed

AMD's "Fiji" silicon
AMD’s “Fiji” silicon die-shot

Under the microscope reveals a design of the components that are more or less an update of Tonga. Some components, such as front-end, seem to be completely identical to Tahiti or Tonga. The capture die-shot reveals that 64 GCN  (computing units) are divided into four segments on either side of the central part of the core. The area of memory controllers seems to be smaller than the block I / S that made up the 384-bit interface of “Tahiti.”. Below you can see the color-coded die-shot of “Tahiti.”

Color-coded die-shot of “Tahiti.

via: TechPowerUp