The wind is again warm after the confirmation of Next-Gen High-end Graphics card from AMD’s side that they will make use of first generation of High Bandwidth memory. HBM is alot compact in size in comparison with GDDR5 and about 9X faster than GDDR5 according to analysts. Today a Fiji die reconstruction has been accomplished by sewing together various pictures distributed by AMD demonstrating different parts of the die. What has been revealed is extremely fascinating and matches the memory Spec that our sources have been letting us know about.

Presently I ought to bring up that we have been chipping away at our own investigation and figurings around the Fiji die for a couple of days. Furthermore, we’ll be alluding to our own numbers, notwithstanding we’ll utilize foreign media site Videocardz’s visual remaking for illustrative purposes.

AMD Fiji Die Exposed – 4 HBMs And A Huge GPU Revealed

A Fiji Graphics Card As Shown On Twitter By Johann Andersson

Presently the first thing you’ll notice is that there are 4 HBM stacks stuffed on the same interposer as Fiji. Pretty much as AMD’s Joe Macri had suggested a couple of days back. Each HBM stack has a limit of 1GB of memory, to the extent we are mindful stacks with more limit are not accessible yet. The second thing you’ll notice is that Fiji is really huge in size. We can say the biggest GPU AMD has ever built indeed. 


The HBM stack is precisely 5mm wide. According to Wccftech after they measure the AMD’s official rendering, they estimate that the base at precisely 21mm. So at long last, we touch base at the GPU die size scope of 546mm² to 588mm² in view of a settled width of 21mm and conceivable lengths extending from 26mm to 28mm. We’ll take the normal at 567mm² giving us a  ~4% deviation range, which is really acceptable. On the other size of the note the Hawaii GPU die size was 438mm². Now the question arises that is it possible for AMD to fussed 4096 GCN stream processors into a 567mm² die?

Below are the alleged specifications for Fiji based on the R9 390X. According to rumors AMD will launch its AMD Fiji Flagship on 24th June.

AMD Fiji Flagship
AMD Radeon R9 290X
GPU Code Name Fiji XT Hawaii XT
GPU Cores / Shaders 4096 2816
4GB Stacked HBM 4GB GDDR5
Memory  Frequency 1.25Ghz 5.0Ghz
Memory Interface 4096 Wide IO 512bit GDDR5
Total Memory Bandwidth 640GB/S 320GB/S
GPU  Clock Speed 1.05Ghz 1Ghz
Compute Performance 8.5TFLOP* 5.6TFLOP
Launch Price ? $549

Source: Wccftech, Videocardz