With the Nvidia DLSS gaining interest, and even more so after integrating into the Unreal Engine 4.26 graphics engine promising increase performance by up to 180 percent, all eyes are now on AMD (insert meme “C’mon, do something… “). AMD promised to reveal its technology before launching its Radeon RX 6000 Series graphics cards, but its first GPUs were launched on December 18 and to this day nothing new is officially known.

1080p image rescaled @4K with DirectML API

The counterpart of NVIDIA DLSS under the AMD seal is FidelityFX Super Resolution, which is expected to arrive sometime in the spring, and it will take advantage of the DirectML API to compete with the Nvidia DLSS in offering a noticeable performance improvement without downgrading the visual quality. The most interesting this is that Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards would also have access to this technology (since it is not part of AMD’s graphics drivers), although in the case of AMD GPUs, performance should be better when taking advantage of 128MB Infinity Cache memory.

According to the latest rumors, AMD is scheduled to launch its technology sometime in the Q2 2021. Microsoft consoles, the Xbox Series X | S will also take advantage of this technology, something evident since the API is from Microsoft (within DirectX 12) and AMD hardware will support it, allowing it to offer a performance more stable without drastically reducing the graphics of games.