Although AMD is still recording $109 million net loss during Q1 2016, but it is indisputable that this trend of the company could move quickly to green numbers due to the latest reports. Last Friday AMD announced a net income of  $300 million to license its x86 architecture to facilitate Chinese servers and the reported rise in GPU market share (51 percent) due to Polaris GPUs finally hitting the market.

AMD expects to earn $1,500 million with three new consoles


Now the last good news about AMD is that it will pocket a lot of money by selling 3 new custom SoCs that will enliven the Nintendo NX and one improved variant of the PlayStation 4 (PlayStation 4K) and Xbox One  Xbox One Slim).

According to AMD, these three new SoC boost their income by 15 percent, which translates into a profit of 1.5 billion dollars over the next 3 or 4 years. Such being the importance of the console market, AMD’s monopoly in this popular platform next – generation games will involve two quarters parts of current income. Of course, once Polaris will make its entry in the market later with Zen, the company’s revenues will increase dramatically from those releases as well. The value of red camp shares closed with a growth of 7.39%.

Via: Eteknix