Previously we have covered one article on it that AMD is working on a new technology Dynamic Frame Rate Control, which was based on the Rumors but this post is equipped with some official data. If we summarize Dynamic Frame Rate Control (DFRC) in simple words, it will adjust the limit of the generated frames per second animation and as a result reduce power consumption of graphics card.

This new idea is praised by Chris Hook, the person responsible for marketing at AMD. Unlike the V-Sync, where the card works continuously with the same parameters, the DFRC is capable of setting a limit generated FPS around 60 in order to facilitate the players but also affect the timing and voltage supply of the graphics card.

This means that in less demanding situations, when the card can generate a much higher number of frames per second, the capacity will be reduced to an acceptable level and by the way also reduces the supply voltage, resulting in less power consumption.

This new feature has been introduced in the new version of the graphics driver Catalyst – the new version will be available in January of 2015. It is worth noting that the idea is not new, this flavor is already offered by MSI Afterburner applications and Radeon Pro.

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