Dual-core Graphics card is a symbol of strength, it is the ultimate pursuit enthusiasts, but also very demanding requirements of the design capacity. Recently rumors, AMD and NVIDIA in graphics Cards have created a new generation of dual-core Cards, and both are prepared to “burn”.
AMD and  NVIDIA in the development of new dual-core flagship card has been no secret, but what would be a kind of monster? When will launch it in the end? Now it’s looking like AMD is ready.

AMD will adopt two Hawaii XT GPU core, and the result would be R9 290x 2X. The Latest news, this monster has been able to start the boot, is progressing smoothly, the fastest expect to see on the show in early June at Computex Taipei.

Now this is interesting, Recently, many foreign media persons continues to receive a letter envelope from Toronto, Canada (AMD PR location), and “TOP SECRET” is written on each envelope, and in the envelope there is one mirror photo of tech enthusiasts.

Now this is a clear hint that AMD is ready for their Dual-Core version of AMD Radeon R9 290X, but still this is not mentioned anywhere in public.
Well the only thing we know is the Codenamed of new Dual-Core Graphic Card, which is “Vesuvius”.

Take a look at those Envelope Photos:

AMD Teaser AMD R9 290X Dual-Core

AMD Teaser AMD R9 290X Dual-Core

AMD Teaser AMD R9 290X Dual-Core
AMD Teaser 2 are betten than 1
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