AMD after coming with the new strongly advocate Mantle API infancy, AMD is going to change the whole market and Microsoft is not accepting this at all but ultimately stimulated. We can also understand the dissatisfaction of DirectX in previous years. Now High-profile notice next month’s Game Developers Conference (GDC), Microsoft would like to introduce DirectX others future planning.

So now AMD how you see this?

In the respectful reply AMD issues a huge statement to the foreign media, a cold-warn welcome to DirectX progress“AMD supports and welcomes this new game development direction, it is for PC gaming concept underlying graphics API consistent with AMD. “

AMD: DirectX firmly supported progress
AMD Mantle

To this warm welcome AMD additionally added that AMD is also beginning to rock the players and improvements are on the way:” Industry experts believe that this (DirectX changes) will spend a lot of time, and developers can now use the Mantle API designed to achieve high efficiency.
AMD is also very excited to be at this year’s GDC to share the future of our own API to developers. ”

It’s now clear that if DirectX moves to the upper step, AMD Mantle technology also will not give up.

If Microsoft can absorb AMD Mantle technology into some of the essence and DirectX, so much the better, especially for AMD.

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