Two days ago, AMD said that they are rely on Reloaded Core, but if there is a new architecture and technology from their side we have to wait for next two years. AMD’s DDR4 Memory support, the bulldozer processor (the legendary New X86 architecture) as well as new FM3 + socket will not play their roles until 2016, and now they can only rely on DDR3, FM2 + and excavators architecture to get through this for two years.

AMD Desktop Processors Not Getting DDR4

AMD Desktop Processors Not Getting DDR4 and the Bulldozer architecture, FM3 + to wait until 2016

AMD stick to the old platform is now an old tradition, the previous upgrade the magnitude is not large but will try to keep the front and rear compatibility, on the one hand this is a good thing but the steps are too conservative, and support for new technologies will inevitably slow down. If we see the news of  Bitsandchips they said that the current AMD’s Socket FM2 + will serve until 2016. Rumors of a new X86 architecture, modular architecture Bulldozer successor have to wait until 2016, while desktop processors of DDR4 memory support is a mysterious , it was not until 2016. The improvement of the current Bulldozer architecture will not support DDR4 through.

If we observe the current product plan of FX series, Since Piledriver core has not changed from two years, next year even if there is a new product the movement will not be great, Steamroller architecture now has been giving to the kaveri, Anyway AMD’s focus is not on top of it.

AMD Next Generation APU From Carrizo series will support DDR4

Kaveri APUs are now on the expansion of product lines, the production capacity of the storm had conservative Globalfoundries’s early release to now no number of products to market. Next year’s successor is Carrizo APU, the first rumors of the specification is very powerful, but does not stack DDR4 memory according to the AMD official data, just a regular upgrade CPU and GPU core, 28nm process technology is also unchanged.

This year looks like AMD will be the mend. As expected big upgrades are Gone, all you need to do is to talk about it until 2016, if the value of your faith can support it for next two years.

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