New reports reveal important details about the next generation of AMD APUs, as if Zen architecture promises a breakthrough in terms of performance and consumption, now we know that these APUs will be linked to several stacks of High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM), which would yield a bandwidth of 128 GB / s, so the APUs will gain an abysmal graphics performance making it a better choice for gamers and professionals with tight budgets.

Reports: AMD Is Currently Working On Zen APU With HBM


This information comes from official sources, specifically from a paper co-authored by AMD graphic engineer Mike Mantor. The document shows that this Zen-based APU will use micro memory technology found in Carrizo, which started off as an improved interconnection of memory (HSA) design that can be found in the current generation consoles, except that HBM added a stack of memory to throw a bandwidth of 128 GB / s. So now we just have to wait for future leaks begin to reveal how this translates in terms of performance, but much remains as to remember Zen will not come until the end of 2016. The new 14nm process node architecture is in hands of Samsung and it will give an edge over 16nm of Pascal.

via: KitGuru

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