In mid-March, AMD officially launched FreeSync technology, in addition to the monitor, video card hardware requirements, FreeSync also need a new display driver, AMD’s Catalyst driver now supports single card, support crossfire FreeSync drive was supposed to be released in April. Well, for now AMD is not ready and Crossfire Edition FreeSync drivers have been bounced to unknown dates.

Today is the US side of the last day of April, promised AMD Crossfire Edition FreeSync drivers are still not released, AMD in the official forum express after many QA quality tests found support crossfire FreeSync driver is not yet fully ready. Ideal to give users the experience of AMD is the ultimate goal, so they decided to postpone the release drive.

AMD said they would continue to develop, test new drivers, once ready, will be released, but the most critical is AMD did not give a timetable for when they could do so only slowly and so the players’ accident surprises.

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