More than ten years ago, AMD introduced itself as a strong competitor to Intel in the server market. However, due to a series of fortunate circumstances, now the AMD server business is not at its best.

AMD considers the possibility of developing CPU + GPU Superchip for servers


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However, AMD intends to remedy this situation and rebooting its server chip business with the next Zen architecture CPU, which also will also be used on desktops, laptops and consoles.

The company wants to experiment with Zen, and considering merging CPU with high performance GPU in order to manufacture a mega-chip for high-performance tasks. Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, recently said that the company is determined to do so and she adds the following statement on the possibility of large chip for enterprise servers and supercomputers

“It’s fair to say we do believe we can combine a high-performance CPU with the high-performance GPU,”

It will not for the first time when AMD will create a large chip with similar characteristics. In fact, similar work has already been done by the company by combining the functions of CPU and GPU on a single chip for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Without going any further, the Xbox One chip integrates an eight – core Jaguar CPU with Radeon GPU.

Currently the GPU already being used as co-processors in many supercomputers for complex tasks like weather modeling, economic forecasts or designing weapons. They are also used by Google in data centers for deep learning tasks.

AMD plans regarding servers seem to have returned back to the x86 architecture and certainly Zen is generating high expectations. The CEO of AMD has indicated that the first Zen – based servers will be available in the first half of next year. For now, the chips are being tested on dual-socket systems by the company itself and by server manufacturers and they are obtaining very encouraging results.

Via: PCWorld

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