AMD‘s latest and upcoming generation of CPUs, Zen is one of the most awaited lines. It promises maximum performance for PC gamers who are on a tight budget so we have another excuse to be so desperate for its launch. Rumors have been floating around stating that AMD is to unveil them later this year, However, they just ended being rumors.

AMD “Zen” To Be Unveiled In Q1 Of 2017



AMD confirmed last Friday that it’s launching its next generation family of enthusiast Zen based CPUs in early 2017. The High end desktop line is known as “Summit Ridge” and it will be flagshipped by an eight core, sixteen thread CPU. The chip demonstrator had showed that the flagship CPU was on par with Intel’s enthusiast i7-6700K. This proves the massive potential of the CPU. That apart, the APUs based on Zen are going to have outstanding performance as CPUs and iGPUs.

Dr. Lisa Su, AMD’s CEO, stated that the company expects higher than seasonal sales in the first quarter of next year. This boost in project sales was attributed to Zen’s competitive performance in the high-end desktop CPU market. An area the company isn’t currently competing in and hasn’t in more than half a decade.

Chris Hemmelgarn of Barclays :

“With Summit Ridge launching in Q1 of 2017, I guess how would you expect the channel to ramp that? Do you see it ramping pretty fully in the first couple of quarters of the year, or are you looking for more normal PC seasonality?”

President & CEO Dr. Lisa Su :
“You know, I would expect that there will be a relatively good initial demand for Summit Ridge that may be you know, not quite at the seasonal patterns. From where we see, Summit Ridge is playing in a space in the high-end desktop that we currently aren’t offering a product. So we believe we’ll be competitive certainly with Core i5 as well as Core i7 and we will be launching in those areas.”

Desktop Summit Ridge Zen CPUs are to be launched @ CES 2107 in January. On the other hand AMD’s high-end X370 AM4 motherboards as well as Summit Ridge CPUs are expected to be available in the market as early as February. Following this paragraph you will find some detailed pictures outlining Zen