AMD’s 2009 handheld GPU business had been sold to Qualcomm for $65 million only. AMD believes that this was the only solution to get rid of a heavy burden, but the Qualcomm Adreno GPU development has become Qualcomm Xiao core Opteron processors, and AMD was unaware of this situation or we can say they do not have thought of this. But for AMD to comeback in the mobile market is not too difficult, though they did not directly launch mobile phone or tablet processors, but they are not lacking of technology, MediaTek has partnered with AMD started using the latter’s GPU technology licensing.

AMD And Mediatek Collaborating On New SOC Graphics Solution


It’s deserving of note that both organizations are a piece of the Heterogeneous System Architecture/ HSA establishment. So they’ve cooperated before and what they’re cooperating on will without a doubt be HSA enabled graphics solution for mobile SOCs. The HSA qualification is essential here. Particularly since we’re discussing ultra low power portable SOCs, where divisions of a watt can have an impressive effect.

Currently on the mobile GPU market, in addition to Qualcomm, NVIDIA GPU cores are able to develop their own side, most manufacturers has authorized the use of third-party GPU, the most important is an Imagination’s PowerVR and ARM’s Mali. Qualcomm is not open to the GPU, NVIDIA would have preferred an open, willing to say from the beginning Kepler era foreign authorized, on this year’s CES show in January launched a Maxwell architecture Tegra X1, NVIDIA will continue to provide the Maxwell GPU architecture authorization said in one statement.

AMD smartphones, tablet market have been more cautious, but the issue of authorization for GPU actually, I’m totally denied. Fudzilla website reported that during the MWC show, they get the message said MediaTek is working with AMD mobile SoC GPU core. They said it had informed the backbone of AMD graphics business staff have been with MediaTek contact and cooperation for some time has been on both sides of the SoC GPU.

MediaTek Most current mobile SoC with ARM’s Mali or Imagination’s PowerVR GPU authorization, recently released A72 core MT8173 using PowerVR G6250, Meizu MX4 MT6595 uses PowerVR G6200, 8 using nuclear A53 core MT6752 use is the Mali-T760MP2.

Currently AMD and MediaTek both declined to comment, although Fudzilla says categorically, but taking into account the accuracy of them broke the news, this thing is really hard to say true or false. But I’m afraid not very happy about this matter. On the other side of the note for NVIDIA, their mobile GPU business highly publicized two generations, and so far have not seen any company publicly announced that authorize the use of Kepler or Maxwell. MediaTek would have been one of the most promising potential customers Now, once you have selected AMD, NVIDIA estimate the likelihood of re-use is not big.

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