In June AMD has announced its microarchitecture Carrizo, following the launch of the FX-8800P, A10-8700P and A8-8600P for laptop segment, including a dual-core (A6-8500P) class APU and a few more professional class processors only for these devices.

The A6-8500P is the only dual core processor (Excavator) for consumption. Each core reaches a base / turbo frequency 1.60 / 3.00 GHz and is accompanied by graphics Radeon R5 with 256 @ 800 MHz Processor Shadders throwing a TDP of 15W.

The professional class of APUs Carrizo consists of the A6 PRO-8500B, 8600B PRO-A8, A10 PRO-8700B  and 8800B PRO-FX. All 4 cores keeping the 2MB cache while equipped with Radeon R6 / R7 Radeon graphics at different speeds with memory controller DDR3-2133 MHz maintaining a TDP of 15W.

The models AMD FX are the most potent and targeted for gamers with tight budgets who can not go to a high-performance gaming notebook. The AMD A10 will be available for powerful laptops, being able to move games and demanding video encoding 4K / 1080p HEVC hardware. The AMD A8 are treated with a solution SUV (games and multimedia) where  prevail autonomy, which promises to reduce energy consumption by half while we reproduce a video.

AMD Carrizo Professional Notebook APUs lineup

ModelCores /
Frequency /
A6 PRO-8500B2/21.6 / 3 GHz1MBR5800 MHzNo info15W
A6-8500P2/21.6 / 3 GHz1MBR5800 MHzNo info15W
A8 PRO-8600B4/41.6 / 3 GHz2 MBR6720 MHzDDR3-213315W
A8-8600P4/41.6 / 3 GHz2 MBR6720 MHzDDR3-213315W
FX PRO-8800B4/42.1 / 3.4 GHz2 MBR7800 MHzDDR3-213315W
FX-8800P4/42.1 / 3.4 GHz2 MBR7800 MHzDDR3-213315W
A10 PRO-8700B4/41.8 / 3.2 GHz2 MBR6800 MHzDDR3-213315W
A10-8700P4/41.8 / 3.2 GHz2 MBR6800 MHzDDR3-213315W